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takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has [entries|friends|calendar]
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[21 Jun 2004|01:11pm]

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[17 Jun 2004|10:22am]
[ mood | sad ]

my boy left to cancun for a week last night.

"whatever happens in cancun stays in cancun."

for the past week he's been distant. we got into a little tiff last week and ever since then things havent been the same. i can only think that the distance is because of his trip. im thinking the less he talks to me or sees me before his trip, the better it is if anything does happen while hes away. god forbid anything does.
i cant expect him not to do anything. its not like we're actually together. i dont even know if we're officially still dating.
this boy is so confusing...

i think im gonna go back home. ive been very emotional since graduation. i miss everything. i think im calling home tonight. and i think once im home im gonna chill on going out so often. spend more time with my family since i havent been able to for about 6 months. good god. its been 6 months since ive been home. slept in my own bed. ate filipino food. talked to my mom. i can honestly say i miss everything. i really do.

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[06 Jun 2004|12:18pm]
im happy.
im happy.
im happy.
im happy.
im happy.

im graduating. and i have an awesome boy in my life whom im starting to fall for. and i couldnt be anymore happier.

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[09 May 2004|03:59pm]
...fuck mind games.
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[09 Mar 2004|12:38pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

recap of everything thats happened since january:
- turned 18
-had a hotel party; got shitfaced
-got kicked out of my house
-withdrew myself out of school
-planning on going on independent studies
-parties GALORE
-a lot of alcohol consumption
-had a bonfire at some beach in SF
-shopping on haight st. driving up there listening to the yeah yeah yeahs and dancing it up with the HBs and the BDs
-some weird bum came way too close for comfort
-the thought of wanting a bf coming to me everyday
-havent spoken to my mom or sister in almost a month
-spent 160 on alcohol in a span of 2 weeks
-supposedly shit has been said about me and my best friend. next time i hear something said about me or her theres definitely going to be a hoedown, no joke!
-mardi gras was insane niggas got crazy
-thrown up WAY too many times
-my appreciation for nice guys has grown
-steven and gilbert = kickass fellas. steven sat in the bathroom with me while i was puking out my insides and made sure i was okay. held up my hair for me while i threw up my bacardi superior and fruit punch concoction. blah. gave me his jacket to wear as i was freezing my ass off. held my hand on the way home and occasionally squeezed it to let me know he was there for me.
-passed out in a car while listening to FATA and waking up to make it known that "this is my favorite song" and singing along and then passing out was a trip
-the act of making someone jealous definitely worked
-confronted someone on their hyprocrisy
-"BLOW THAT SHIT UP" - maria
-hopping into marias car and finding out she likes brand new was awesome
-sic transit gloria...glory fades will always remind me of saturday and the fun i had being with steven <3
-chillin with friends til the wee hours will always be fun
-taking pictures of everything is fun
-looking back at the pictures and remembering how much fun we all had is even better

last night was fun. originally we planned on playing pool but ended up just chillin at marc and adrians then settling on drinking at cureton. finally got to meet the infamous adam mejia. it was quite awkward kept the chatting at a minimum. gilbert and steven <3 showed up at cureton. got to talk to him about saturday night. which was unsuccessful since he was totally holding back on me. but whatever dude. the HBs kept insisting that steven<3 is into me...i dont know. went to jack in the box to get 2 tacos but ended up ordering soo much food. we're having a potluck/picnic thing on wednesday at bougini. cant wait. oh man. we were so scared at cureton.

mickeys + ghost stories + shit falling from empty trees = 5 half grown kids running and screaming for their lives thru fields of wet grass

fuckin weaksauce! but tons of fun.

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[07 Feb 2004|07:55am]
[ mood | sick ]

yesterday was my bday. BIG FUCKIN 1-8. last night was pretty crazy. took way too many shots. took too many pictures. took too many hits to the head. my bestest friend in whole wide world got us a suite at the courtyard. shit was so much fun. surprisely we didnt get kicked out. i got to see so many ppl i havent seen in so long. that was awesome. i saw my boy but he was acting stupid. but he did call me and wish me a happy birthday twice. i met some cool kids dont remember where theyre from or their names but they were cool. they bought me tacos that i couldnt eat. ahh melissa flew down from LA to party for my bday...bacardi 151 is definitely not a friend of mine. i have to go to work in 3 hours i should be sleeping but i cant sleep my throat is killing me. i want to go shopping real bad. i bought two hot skirts yesterday. oh yeah, havent been to school for a week. probably not going next week. then its winter break. hopefully my mom will change my curfew. fuckin 18 with a curfew thats pretty shitty. but i did fuck up so i guess for now its reasonable. but fuck!!!! im an adult now. holy shit. i was droppin N bombs last night like there was no tomorrow. i think i upsetted some ppl. oh well. fuckin marisa tackled my ass to ground. shes awesome. fuckin ben with a b was trying to take care of me. i think i sat in the corner for awhile. fuckin hector and enrique showed up. i havent seen enrique in so long. and my enrique came. he looked so fuckin good. but nothing happened. supposedly i was too drunk and he wanted me to go home safe and on time. next week is valentines day. im gonna see if he wants to take me out. i would like some italian food from the mac grill. okay i think i rambled on and on about pointless shit. oh wait i have a question...whats the difference between a manufactured home and a mobile home??

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[31 Dec 2003|04:00pm]
[ mood | sad ]

it is new years eve and i HAVE TO STAY HOME. i was looking forward to this night since my break started. i know its stupid but i havent cried in awhile. im so pissed right now. mother says i can go out tomorrow but come on its fuckin new years eve. youre supposed to party hardy. and i wont be able to see my boy til tomorrow. which sucks. its been more than a week since ive seen him but we talk practically every night for hours on end. im starting to really really like this guy. i offered to help him with his laundry which probably means ill end up doing ALL his laundry. gosh, im such a nice girl-friend. this weekend better be grand. i cant end break without a bang!!!

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